Price: 10 USD



  • High-quality voice service  
  • Supports SMS      
  • Supports FM radio   
  • Supports multiple supplementary services         
  • Supports Ringtone and Prompt     
  • Supports Phone Book
  • Big fonts, loud sound and big keyboard
  • Khmer and English Language


  • Free 1 SIM




Direction Fee
Monthly fee 0
Call to methome 2 cents/min
Call to Metfone Mobile 4 cents/min
Call to other network 6 cents/min
International call Similar to charge of other Metfone's mobile
SMS within network 2 cents/SMS
SMS across network 4 cents/SMS
SMS International 10 cents/SMS


Warranty policy:

Warranty time: One year based on the date on the warranty card

Warranty for defective phone due to manufacturer. During warranty, if any defective are found, the main unit, battery, charger and receiver will be repaired according to manufacturer’s standards warranty at Showroom of Metfne all over country.

We will refuse to warrant in following cases:

  • Crack, broken or deformed phone.
  • Not follow the recommended usage in the attached manual handbook or use with accessories which were not supplied by the manufacturer.
  • Locked phone, locked SIM card or intervened software.
  • Warranty stamp on the phone is torn or unstuck.
  •  Spare part and accessories of the phone are not replaced by the manufacturer.
  • Due to natural calamity, fire, liquid, burning smell, strange smell, dampen and musty, eroded or cracked main.
  • Customers have no warranty card or have torn or erased warranty card or have no information in our data.