Unlimited plan

Enjoy Unlimited Mobile Internet fast & everywhere without having to worry about extra cost, Metfone have many options for everyone. Check out the package that suits you the most.

Internet plans Name Fee High speed data Register Give plan to other subcriber
Daily MIUD 20 cents 200 MB Dial *133*25# Dial *133*Phone number*2*1#
Weekly MIUW 1.5 USD 1.5 GB Dial *133*150# Dial *133*Phone number*2*2#
Monthly MIU 3 USD 2 GB Dial *133*4# Dial *133*Phone number*2*3#
MIU5 5 USD 3 GB Dial *133*50# Dial *133*Phone number*2*4#
MIU10 10 USD 7 GB Dial *133*100# Dial *133*Phone number*2*5#
Add one Plan MAX50 0.5 USD 250 MB Dial *133*3# NA#
MAX1 1 USD 600 MB Dial *133*9#


Dial  *097*097# to check the balance data

Terms and condition

  • If you have used up all your data volume (high speed) before your expiration period, then other usage above data allowance will be applied at download/upload speed of 384Kbps/176Kbps and will apply until the expiration date of the plan.
  • The plan will be automatically renewed at time it expires and unused data will be not preserved and will be cleared upon successful reactivation.