Gold plan

Postpaid service is the service which allow customer can use the service in advance and make payment on the end of month, Postpaid service is suitable for high-demand customers, enterprises and organizations.  

With Gold Plan Postpaid, you can experience the enjoyment of talking, surfing and also availing of the added plan that best suit your lifestyle. With Gold Plan you don’t have to worry about topping up all the time. It’s convenient, it’s easy.

  Within network Across Network
Voice calls 4.5cents/min 8cents/min
SMS 2cents/SMS 4cents/SMS
International Call Zone 1: 10cents/min
Zone 2: 15cents/min
Zone 3: 25cents/min
International SMS 10cent/SMS
Internet 2 cents/MB
Data add-one MI1: 500MB 1 USD
MI2: 1.2GB 2 USD
MI3: 2GB 3 USD
MI5: 4GB 5 USD
MI10: 8.5GB 10 USD
MI20: 20GB 20 USD
Registration fee 3 USD
Monthly fee 5 USD
Deposit 15 USD
Contract  Duration 12 months


  • Voice & SMS roaming service will be required a deposit at least 200$
  • Voice, SMS & Data roaming service will be required a deposit at least 500$.
  • Usage above data allowance will be charge at standard fee 2 cents/MB.
  • Zone 1: include 10 countries (Canada, China, Indian, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA and Vietnam).
  • Zone 2: include 15 countries  (Australia, France, German, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippine, Russia, Spain, Sudan, Taiwan, United Kingdom).
  •  Zone 3: Other countries. 

Terms & conditions:

  • ALl prices include tax
  • All calls are charged by the second
  • No roll over for unused benefits
  • No transfer fees will be charged when moving from prepaid service and vice-versa
  • This offer will apply to both new and existing postpaid users