Voice Fun Service

Voice Fun is service about jazzy sound social network where subscribers can entertain, share and connect with each other. With variety of channels such as: Music world, Story Store, VoiceFun idol with beautiful voices of Voice fun subscriber, FunBox (Horoscope, Measure emotional, intelligent indicator, Personal Corner, Music Gift), VoiceFun Club to find friend in social network.


  • Free 20minutes for the first calling of the day to 6175
  • Free 5 gifts to other subcriber*

Service Fee

  • Daily package: 5 cents/day
  • Weekly package: 20 cents/week 
  • Calling fee: 1 cent/min 
  • Gift fee: 2cents/gift

How to use

Register by IVR: Dial 6175

  • Press 1 to register daily package
  • Press 2 to register weekly package

Register by SMS:

  • Send ON to 6175
  • Send ON7 to 6175

To cancel the service:

  • By IVR: Dial 6175 and press 9
  • By SMS: Send OFF to 6175

Other features: 

Dial to 6175 and follow the instruction as main key

  • Key 1: Music World
  • Key 2: Story Store
  • Key 3: VoiceFun Idol
  • Key 4: Fun Box
  • Key 5: Personal Corner
  • Key 9: Cancel Service
  • Key 0: Introduction about service and your package

Terms and conditions

  • This service is availble for all actives prepaid & postpaid subscribers of Metfone.
  • The service fee will be charged from basic balance only.
  • This service is auto renewed
  • *The recipient gift is availble for Metfone subcriber who already registered the Voice Fun service.