Dom Neng Hora Service

Dom Neng Hora is a service which provides fortune information about 12 zodiacs and horoscope with variety type for lucky, related to open new company, new shop and build a new house, Secret love and Interactive-couple. Subscribers can get their fortune via SMS and access via wapsite.

Service Fee:

  • 12 cents/week

​How to use:

To register the service

To cancel service

  • By SMS: Write OFF send to 6150
  • By Wapsite: Access via and click on subscriber ISDN profile then click on cancel button

Other Feature:

 Access via and display main category

  • Love tarot: Tarot reading, Secret love, Couple interative
  • Zodiac: Zodiac 2016, 12 Zodiac 2016, Interactive-couple

Terms and conditions

  • This service is availble for all actives Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers using 3G/4G
  • The charges will be deducted from basic balance only
  • This service is auto renewed.